A selection of my projects

  • Waves

    A conceptual video depicting the effects of sounds across our lifetime. The rich tapestry woven in the minds eye against a stark and virtual backdrop. It […]
  • Fukushima – Images by Rebecca Lilith Bathory

    Rebecca asked me to take her images of Fukushima and create a video reflecting the desolate nature of the tragedy. I used mapping techniques to make […]
  • Time

    I was approached by Denature to do a music video in a similar style to “Turn of the screw”. So i set off with my brother […]
  • Ascension

    An experimental piece based around particle system generated by music and sound, pieced together to create a narrative of a cycle of life. Hopefully reflecting warmth, […]
  • Turn of the screw

    Where to begin? I decided to create a visual interpretation of one of my Brothers songs. Turn of the screw is about a woman not being […]
  • Escape – Denature

    Escape is very textual and chaotic. It is deep with feeling and fused with anger and pain. Suddenly i thought “Ey up” I’m going to have […]
  • Enchanted Parks

    This is the final animation piece for the projection onto Saltwell towers – Enchanted Parks. It introduces Estella to us and strips time back to the […]
  • Orphans of Time

    My second video for Rebecca Lilith Bathory. Using her wonderful still images with Camera mapping to create a visual narrative for her series ‘Orphans of Time’.
  • A Midwinter’s Tale – Enchanted parks 2016. Saltwell park

    Please note: The first minute of the video is simply a changing visual until the viewers get into position. The projection size was approx 80m x 40m.
  • Creative Thinking NCS

    I produced a brief for a visual message. I Gathered 10 15-16 year old students (NCS project – imagineyoucan.tv) and spent 6 hours brainstorming. We also […]
  • Sunderland illuminations Cascade projection – The lair of the Fay king (heart of the forest)

    Created designed and animated by chris lavelle Scored by Roma Yagnik projection into foliage and water and rocks to create an immersive visual for the Sunderland […]
  • Incipient – Seaham blast beach

    A short drone piece at Seaham blast beach near my home. The beach used at the beginning of Alien 3.
  • EBE – Explainer

    Bespoke animated explainer for Evidence based education. Storyboard/animation/vector graphics/production
  • x-particles

    Originally i set out to re-create the Daredevil titles effect with x-particles. This is the first iteration and it sort of turned into something a little […]